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Most Comfy Office Heels

Did you ever think about the fact that we spend approximately 40 hours per week in the office? That is about a third of a day! I don’t know about you, but I sure like to feel attractive for that entire part of the day. To me, it’s the heels that are always there to boost up my sexiness level.

comfiest high heelsA lot of my office colleagues have confessed that they also feel the prettiest when wearing the most comfortable high heels. It has actually been proved that wearing pumps will instantly improve your body posture, and together with that, boost your confidence. Yet, the problem with spending 8 hours per day on high heels is that it’s very exhausting and hurts your legs quite badly.

Girls around the web tend to always say that “home is where the bra comes off”. To me home is the place where the freakin’ shoes go off! I have to confess, for the past 2 years of my full-time office job, this was the moment of the day I was looking forward to most.

It was 3 months ago that it stroke me: why do I have to go through all this pain and struggle just for the sake of feeling sexy? Isn’t there some way to combine being pretty with the luxury of being comfy?

And so, I have decided to take a comfy heels shopping tour. It wasn’t easy, and by the end of the day I hated all types of shoes. Meanwhile, all the shop assistants hated me for being so persistent. But let’s face it! What are the legit reasons in blaming a woman who is on her pursuit in finding THE PAIR?
In order to save a painful shopping day at the mall for you, I’ll just write down my own conclusions on how to find the most comfy pair of office heels.

  • First of all, go for a good brand. Nothing defines comfort and stability better than a high quality material for the soles, together with the firm grip of a well sewn textile piece.
  • Material is also an aspect that matters a lot to me. Go for leather! Leather all around, or suede. Suede shoes are generally softer, and they adjust to your foot shape much faster than regular leather. High quality leather is also soft and malleable enough, so that it makes your foot feel like it’s entered a soft cotton ball.
  • Another criteria you should consider is the heel itself! Of course, high heels are what all of us girls are aiming for. But higher doesn’t necessarily mean better. When measuring different types of shoes, make sure you feel just right in them. Think about that tall colleague that sits across your desk, I’m sure you want to be at least as tall her. But also, remember how tall your boss is. If he’s that short man, with a huge ego, then you might want to reconsider the idea of becoming twice his height. It is just for the sake of keep yourself away from the moment of looking down at him (not that you wouldn’t be enjoying it ;)).
  • 2-comfy-heelsComfy heels for the office should also be very stable. How many of you had experienced the broken stiletto? It’s just so annoying, and for sure unnecessary in the office rooms, where you have to run up and down all the three floors quite often. Two Comfy Shoes offer the best advice on how to choose your shoes depending on what are you looking for.
  • Now, one tricky part for me was finding the right color for the shoes. I have a preference for shoes with a distinct color. Because of this it is always tricky to match them with the rest of the office outfit. I do not want to end up looking like a clown, but at the same time I want to have the shoes who will make the girls at the office go all like: “Whoa, where did you manage to find this shade?”. This way, I also make sure I won’t have the same pair of shoes as anyone else in there.
  • One last piece of advice I have for you, is of course… the price. Maybe this should have gone as first, but I tend to think that a good comfortable pair of heels is an investment, therefore worth a higher amount, as long as it saves time, power and sanity on the long term. Let’s face it, a good pair of heels will serve you well on the long run.

To round it up, this is the comfy pair of shoes I ended up with after 10 hours of annoying shop-assistants and killing my own soles. I just can’t deny the stability they are offering, with their 5 ¼ in. The height of those red suede pumps brings me in the middle ground of being at a safe height. They also have this perfect, neutral toe box which brings in a sophisticated and classy impression. So yes, my personal preference regarding the comfiest heels for office wear is the pumps.

Summer Scents

We all know that on summertime we want to smell nicer than on any other season. Especially on those hot summer days when the temperature hits over 40 degrees. In my opinion, perfumes and body sprays are literally the best ways to keep yourself fresh. Nobody wants to be all sweaty on a hot summer day so body sprays are a must have. Now, I know that some spray can be really pricey, especially those from popular, well-known companies, such as Chanel, Dior and so on. However, you must not worry, as there are cheap body sprays that work just as well. Take Avon for example. It is definitely not a top quality company but it does its work. However, when it comes to body sprays, trust me, any spray will do its job. The difference between a high quality and a low quality body spray is that, just like perfumes, the high quality ones last longer. You will not need to re-apply a high quality body spray every two hours, as it will last for over 8 hours. Now, on most high quality body sprays and perfumes it says that they last for 24 hours but I think that is a little exaggerated. LoveTheFragrance offers the best reviews on perfumes for women so you can read it later if you desire to buy one for yourself or offer it as a gift.

best summer perfume

When it comes to choosing a perfume, or a body spray, it really depends on your tastes. It depends on your looks, on your attitude. You can’t wear a sweet scented perfume if you are an edgy person, if you like extreme sports and so on. You definitely must find something that completes your look and your attitude. If, as I said, you are an edgy person, the best option for you is a bitter scented perfume. You want people to know you when they smell you. You want to remind them of something when they smell your scent. That something is your attitude, it is what you like, what you don’t and so on. Personally, when I smell a bitter scented perfume on summertime, I’m being reminded of summer clubbing, crazy night out. Well, it also depends on the other person’s interpretation, of course.

Now, summer has this power to change you attitude. Summer and the stores in the mall which, let’s face it, all sell cute clothes, usually dresses and skirts. This summer, combos of high-waisted shorts and skirts and crop tops were really in trend. In my opinion, summer is all about being cute, wavy and all that stuff. I think that if summer was a person, it would be a girl with long brown curly hair, wearing a high-waisted skirt with a flower pink-ish print and a white lace crop top, paired with a pair of white sneakers or sandals. That and a flower headpiece. Now, this requires a cute, girly attitude and a sweet scented perfume, and body spray, would complete the look.

However, attitude and looks are not the only things that can guide you upon choosing a perfume for summer. Your decision can be also influenced by other things you like. For example, flowers. If you like flowers, you can definitely go for a flower scented perfume, such as rose, lily and so on. You know, flowers can have both a bitter and a sweet scent so you can definitely get a flower scented perfume which fits your attitude and looks completely. Then again, maybe you are more into traveling. You can definitely look for a perfume whose scent reminds you of your favorite place. If your favorite place is the seaside, you can try a perfume with a sea-themed scent. On the other hand, if you prefer mountains, don’t worry, I am sure you can find a perfume which reminds you of fresh air, leaves, forest and so on. There are literally millions of perfume scents and they all differ. It would probably take you years to try all the perfumes from Sephora, trust me. You know, scents differ so much from one another, but they are also very similar. Their “base scent” is the same. It is either sweet or bitter, right? From that on, the scents divide into a million ways. Did you know that there is a perfume which actually smells like bacon? Did I get your attention now, food junkies? Well, yes, there is a bacon scented perfume. This is not even the worst. There is a perfume scent for literally everything. Now, my favorite scent is definitely the smell of new books. I’m a book enthusiast, yes, guilty! However, book scents are not really for summer so I guess I will go for something sweet as well. If you have a skin condition it is best to choose one of these deodorants for sensitive skin, so you don’t have to worry about rash or red areas.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with wearing your favorite scent on summer, just like on any other season. At the end of the day, every season is special. Autumn for its leaves, winter for the snow, spring for the awakening and summer.. well, it’s summer! So why not use your favorite scent in the summer?

You know, there are people for whom summer is very special, especially for those still in school, because summer is the only time in the year when their school-break is longer than 2 weeks. Imagine you had a break from work for 3 months. I bet it would be special for you too.

All in all, I advise you to choose a perfume, not only for summer but for any season, that you like, one that represents you somehow. Remember that you define the scent, people will not remember the scent, they will remember the person whose scent mirrored his personality. Don’t let a scent define you. It is your story. It is your mark on the world. You are not just a scent traveling from one place to another, you are a person who wears a scent that completes him. Your scent is your stamp, be confident with it. Nothing is more powerful than confidence. Also, don’t forget that your perfume says a lot about you, but only those who are willing to get to know you, will understand.

Blow Drying Mistakes

hair drying mistakesAre you one of those people that try to obtain a smooth hair that is able to last more than a day if it has been dried with a blow-dryer? Do you happen to have frizzes at your roots or rebel pieces of hair? If your answer is affirmative, then you probably aren’t blow-drying your hair in a correct manner. Strange, right? It appears that recent studies have demonstrated that there are a few extremely common mistakes that people tend to do that will make their hair look not as healthy as they wish.

It’s true that most of us are not that happy when we have to blow-dry our hair, maybe because the result is often not the one we hoped for, or maybe just because we feel we can do other things instead. No matter what your reason is, it is better to keep in mind these common mistakes, so that in the future be able to avoid them and obtain the perfect healthy hair you’ve been dreaming about. Who knows, you may start enjoying blow-drying your hair.

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Let’s see the top 10 most common mistakes women tend to do, and let’s try and make a routine that will allow us to enjoy our beautiful and healthy hair.

1. You never section your hair before you start blow-drying

Are you one of those people that tend to rotate their hair until they get dizzy, just to make sure they blow-dried their entire hair? If you are, you should stop because you’re doing it all wrong. Always makes sure you create small sections of hair, with the help of a claw clip, and blow-dry each individual section maintaining a straight position.

2. You always stand up while you blow-dry

Probably one of the most important pieces of advice any hairstylist might give you is that you should always sit comfortably on a chair when you plan on blow-drying your hair. Do this experiment and you will realize that your hand won’t get tired as fast as they did before, and let’s face it, we need a little time off for ourselves.

3. You hold the brush in the wrong position/hand

In general, women tend to hold the hair-dryer with their right hand (the dominant one, depending on the case) and the brush in the left hand (the weakest one). That is all wrong, because it is better to use the dominant hand to maneuver the brush as you have more dexterity with it and will also reduce the time it takes to finish arranging your hair.

4. You always manage to over-twist your brush

When you decide to brush each section of your hair in order to give it a shape, it is recommended that you twist it more than a quarter of a turn. This will allow you to have enough tension without risking to over-twist it. Only after you have reached the middle of your hair section you should start rotating your brush so you can create perfect curls with the help of your blow-dryer.

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5. You pull your hair down using a brush

In general, women tend to brush their hair by starting from the top and going downwards. That is extremely wrong because all you will manage to do is obtain a flat and unhealthy aspect that is so far away from the much desired smoothness. What you should do instead is to brush your hair from your ends and to the roots just like the shape of a horseshoe. If you go up it will give your hair more volume, and when you go down you will obtain a stylish smoothed.

6. You hold the hair-dryer too close to the hair

Many believe that holding the hair-dryer closer to the hair will dry it faster, thus reducing the time spent to style yourself. That couldn’t be more wrong, because you will end up burning your hair as well as your skin. The correct manner in which you should blow-dry it is to use the plastic nozzle that any dryer has, so it can direct the heat where it is needed and keep at least 2-3 inches between the hair and the blow-dryer.

7. You hold the dryer in the incorrect position

The correct way in which you should blow dry your hair is by keeping it in a parallel position with the hair. If you hold it in any other way you will risk damaging the structure of your hair, leaving it with split ends and burned strands.

8. You hold your dryer still

Don’t keep your dryer in a motionless position, move it around so you can be sure that your hair gets dry at the same pace all around. Moving it, will also prevent you from sensing any inconvenience at your shoulder or wrist due to the fact that you keep them in the same position.

9. You are in a rush to finish

Blow-drying is not a race as to who finishes first. Take your time, pay attention and be careful. If you will do things in a fast pace, you will always discover portions of your hair that haven’t been properly dried and styled and you will have to redo the entire process all over again.

10. You leave some parts that are not completely dried
If you start noticing a little bit of volume, that doesn’t mean that you have finished blow-drying, it only means that you are on the right track. Always check your hair to see if there are any spots that seem a little bit cold and if you find them it means that you haven’t finished your job yet. When it’s done, it should have the same temperature as the room you are in.

How and When to Use the Kabuki Brush

How and when to use the kabuki brush

best kabuki brushesWondering how to spot a kabuki brush? It is extremely easy! Kabuki brushes are the small ones, without handles and very big and fluffy. Basically they look like a mushroom. Now, why are these brushes so in fashion lately? The answer is simple – because of their form and properties, kabuki brushes can be used for many purposes and they can replace the foundation brush, the powder brush, the blush brush and the mineral powder brush! It is the best multifunctional brush one could buy.

Mainly it is used to apply makeup that comes in the form of loose powder. It covers large skin areas and it creates a natural and even look. Originally, this kind of brush was made up of natural hair, but now you can find it in stores more often in the synthetic hair version.

Next, we will be presenting some occasions when you can use the kabuki brush.

First of all, you can use it to apply the powder. If you have mineral powder, that is even better. The kabuki brush is great for this application, because it is big enough to cover large areas of face skin and you don’t have to repeat the process again and again. Plus, its perfect density and size create a fine and even layer of powder all over the face. Another method to create a great look using this brush is to apply your powder as usual, and then, when you are finished, use the kabuki brush in order to blend and buff the cosmetic. In this way, there will remain no un-blended lines or any harsh streaks.

Kabuki brushes work great with blush too. Just pick up some product with it and apply it on your cheeks. You don’t have to worry about getting too much blush on your face or about unnatural lines, because this brush is created especially for fine and flawless applications. The result will consist in an elegant and warm color well fixed on your skin.

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You could also use the kabuki brush to add that finishing touch that all makeup needs to look perfect. If you want to create a more sophisticated makeup for yourself, then it is highly indicated to apply both liquid foundation and powder. Use your habitual brush for the foundation, and then the kabuki one to apply the powder – dip the brush into the product and set it on the face with circular moves. Cover all areas, including the neck, for a natural look.

As you have seen, the kabuki brush covers every face areas, except for the eyes!

As for the prices, these may be a little high for a quality kabuki brush, but it is worth the effort and it is better to purchase directly a good one, than to change the brush once every month.
Do not forget to wash your kabuki brush regularly – it will last longer and work better if you take care of it!

Happy shopping!

Anna Dello Russo for H&M

hmAnna Dello Russo is one of the most appreciated fashion designers in the world and also the editor-at-large of Vogue Japan. She is known world-wide as a fashion statement that owns more than 4000 pairs of designer shoes.

After her 2012 huge collaboration with Macy’s, Anna Dello Russo decided to launch in 2013 at the H&M stores her line of accessories containing jewelry, sunglasses, shoes and handbags for fashionable occasions. In her collection even the most demanding people can also find incredible stylish suitcases.

The famous Vogue editor created especially for H&M a wide range of high-class pieces that also reflect her love for ornamentation and opulence. The colors used, such as turquoise, orange and shiny gold are vibrant and powerful. The jewels are created in families, such as the diamond family or the pearl family, thus making even the most demanding customers wanting to buy at least a piece for his personal collection.

The Swedish retailer known for its low prices, proudly presented the shiny baroque accessories created by the iconic Anna Dello Russo with prices starting at $24.95 and reaching $299 at a fabulous opening event.

At the opening event Anna Dello Russo stated:  “I am excited by this collaboration – it’s the first time H&M has involved a fashion director in a special project. I wanted to create precious accessories that are impossible to find.  As a stylist I know accessorizing is essential – it is the personal touch to any outfit. With these pieces everybody can have fun, turning an ordinary day into a fantastic fashion day.”

In order to celebrate even more the launch of her collection, the famous fashion designer also released a music video that shows and promotes her style rules while displaying her brand new collection.

There is truly something for everyone; all you have to do is be a person that loves making a statement every time you go out.

WE Adore Makeup

makeupIf we ask 100 women why do they adore to wear makeup, we will probably receive 100 different answers, each custom made to fit a certain character and personality, but all of them designed to add a plus in their day to day life.

The answer to this question will forever remain a small mystery because there will never be just one complete and universal reason for using makeup.

There are dozens of reasons why women choose to wear makeup and here are the most common ones:

1.    Some women consider that using makeup will enhance their beauty and will become more appealing to the opposing sex. Women tend to know what their best features are and will do anything to highlight them even if this involves using makeup.

2.     Another reason is that wearing a small or a big amount of makeup will just make her slightly different and also special. Not going unnoticed gives women a sense of importance and happiness.

3.    Increased confidence is also among the reasons why we tend to use makeup. Let’s face it, the first thing anybody observes, is a woman’s face; it’s like a business card and although we sometimes hate to admit, the first impression counts. If a woman applies the correct makeup and the right amount, all of a sudden she will become ready to face the world.

4.    Sometimes, the reason is beyond just improving her natural beauty. A professional makeup helps cover some imperfections. These can appear after a sleepless night where those dark circles pop up under her eyes, or they can be blemishes, pimples, pores or long time scars.

5.    Have you noticed that some women hide their true age? It happens more often than we think. They don’t mind growing older, it’s just that they try their best to look great while going through these transitions. A good makeup will create a somewhat youthful appearance.

6.    On the opposite side, there are teenagers that use makeup to give them an older aspect because they feel they will start being treated as grownups.
All these reasons  don’t seem to create a simple answer to our question. I am sure that one of the reasons above was at a point in life your correct answer as much as I believe that there are some days in which you have your very own answer.

So, it appears that there is no such thing as an official verdict on why women adore makeup. All we have is a multitude of different answers and reasons, each coming from a concrete and rational person. A woman will have her entire life, day by day, to choose that days reason for using makeup and there is no one that can change her mind.